Another Reliv Story of Hope

Another Reliv story of hope: 

Hey, James here, and this is my Reliv testimony. I am 23 and was born with cerebral palsy. I was introduced to the Reliv products about 9 months ago by a dear friend of mine who I met in church. This man had been a Reliv distributor for many years and I got to hear all his stories.

All the stories he told me sounded good, but I didn’t really expect it to do me any good. I had been told all my life that there was nothing that could be done for brain damage, which is the cause of cerebral palsy. After about 3 months on Reliv Now, Reliv Now 4 kids, and Innergize, my movement had become more controlled and more coordinated. I wasn’t having as much involuntary movement. My balance has improved, and I don’t fall down as often as I used to. When I eat, I don’t make as big a mess. I have a speech… impediment, and people are now understanding me much better. I now have people remarking and complimenting me all the time on how much better I’m doing. Besides all this, my disability makes it difficult to chew my food well, and I’ve struggled with constipation my entire life. Thanks to Fibrestore, that problem has gone away.

But there was more to come. I was introduced to LunaRich about a month ago and my progress accelerated. I was walking across the living room the other day, and I noticed that my gait seemed more natural and more stable. I have not used my electric wheelchair in months, and I only use my cane when I leave the house. Besides cerebral palsy, Reliv has helped me in other ways. I have had horrible acne since I was 13 years old. Now my complexion is much clearer, and requires less maintenance to keep it clear.

There is one more blessing that has come to me through Reliv: despite my disability, I am now on my way to financial independence thanks to the Reliv business opportunity.

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I am a wife, a mother of three grown children and a Nana to 9 beautiful grandchildren. I have been a hair salon owner, a real estate broker and a retail store manager. I love Maine and hanging out at the ocean or a cabin by the lake. I'm a bike riding enthusiast. I am a dreamer, a writer and an optimist. My little dog, Bailey is my best friend.
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