Cancer Recovery With Lunasin

Check out this wonderful story and how the doctors are amazed with Pete’s cancer recovery:

“Great News!!! Since November 15th… Huge improvement in terminal cancer patient with Lunasin!  Pete had his CAT Scan last Tuesday at Mayo for his Stage 4 Pancreatic and Liver Cancer.  They were not to get the results until Wednesday morning.  But Tuesday afternoon the Dr. saw Bert pushing Pete down the hall in his wheelchair.  Bert said the Doctor ran up to them, gave Pete a hug hug and the doctor got down..on her knee and said she couldn’t wait until tomorrow to tell them about the scan. The mass at the bottom of the pancreas is shrinking and all the tumors on the liver are shrinking and dying.  She said she can’t tell what it is, but the cancer cells are filled with some kind of  “gas” or something that is causing the cells to die.  His liver function is normal, his bowels are now normal and brown where before for months they were gray and like clay which indicates pancreas failure.  Their doctor told them to go out and celebrate and to keep doing what they are doing because they have never seen such a terminal cancer turn around like this.

Reliv contains Lunasin!

The Reliv products contain Lunasin

The Reliv products contain Lunasin



I am a wife, a mother of three grown children and a Nana to 9 beautiful grandchildren. I have been a hair salon owner, a real estate broker and a retail store manager. I love Maine and hanging out at the ocean or a cabin by the lake. I'm a bike riding enthusiast. I am a dreamer, a writer and an optimist. My little dog, Bailey is my best friend.
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